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Contains 6 highly pigmented colors that can be used to create a wide range of looks.


1. Cool Cream

2. Light Taupe Grey

3. Shimmery Gun Metal

4. Matte Blue Grey

5. Teal Grey

6. Frosted Blue

For a more SUBTLE & NATURAL look use the light taupe grey (top middle) all over the lid, including the crease of your eye, and the light cream shadow (top left) on your brow bone & inner corner of eyes. The frosted blue (lower right) can be used as an eyeliner. All of the shades in this palette (especially the top 3 shadows) look great on their own for monochromatic looks.

For a BOLD look that is perfect for midday to nighttime looks use shades 2, 4, & 5/ or 6 as allover base & transition shades (2 base, 4 transition, 5/ or 6 corner). The cool cream (top left) can be used on the brow bone. For an extra touch of drama, use the shimmery gun metal (top middle) on the top of the lid to finish your look.

Who is the Freedom Fighter?

Ah, yes that person. The one that does not bend the knee. The one that will not “quiet down” when told. The one that is so incredibly grounded in her beliefs, that nothing and no one will stop her from doing what is right. In the face of adversity, she thrives. In the face of chaos, she is calm. In the face of torment and tribulation, she rises up. She is fearful, but not afraid. She is unwavering in her convictions and there is nothing you can threaten her with that will force her to compromise what she knows is truth. Above all else, she will fight for the weak, advocate for the helpless and stand against everything that is wrong and unjust. She fights for freedom! Not just her own, but for yours too.

Where the spirit, there is Freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17

Gluten-free, Paraben-free, & Cruelty-free

PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA, in collaboration with The Patriot Barbie.

Ingredients: talc, mica, octyl palmitate, cyclomethicone, zinc stearate, phenoxyethanol (less than 1%), sodium benzoate.

AWB Brand Ambassador Pamela T wearing the Freedom Fight Palette & Butterfly Lipstick

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